Choosing the project team

High-level sponsorship of a VLE review project needs to come from the senior academic management of your institution if the project is to have credibility with, and gain the support of, academic staff.

When you start out on a VLE review project it could have a number of potential outcomes. You may for example go through stages of:
  • review of existing practice;
  • market testing;
  • procurement;
  • migration to a new VLE;
  • ongoing support, maintenance and benefits realisation.

These are different activities requiring different skill sets and it is possible that you may have different project managers for different stages.

You need to achieve the right balance of project team members who bring continuity - understanding the decisions that have gone before and those who can inject the new skills required for a particular phase.

The project team may have to gain an understanding of areas that are outside their day-to-day professional experience and will need time and support to do this.

Where things usually go wrong is during the handover from learning and teaching and leadership people to the procurement team who want to fit things into their standard templates. There are few dedicated IT buyers in universities and even fewer who understand cloud.

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